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Gear Review: Guide Small from Revo

20130429_120824It’s been five years since my eyes have sat behind polarized  lenses; that was when my Oakley Minutes broke (and Oakley wouldn’t fix them – instead offering me $25 off my next order – which I threw away out of uselessness). Revo has recently found a happy home for a pair of their Guide Smalls. After testing them out for the weekend – I’m pretty sure these will withstand the abuse I plan to put them through this summer.

Going from non-polarized to polarized lenses is like drinking a strong cup of coffee – it just makes everything clearer. The glare on water goes away, the fog from windows disappear and the sun loses it’s haze. Revo is by no means the only sunglass manufacturer to use polarized lenses, but they do have a proprietary process for making serilium polycarbonate lenses that makes the Guide Small seem clearer than my broken Oakley’s. Apparently the process comes from making NASA satellites in the 80’s.

I’m Asian and I have a hard time finding sunglasses that fit my face because my cheekbones are a bit higher than the average Caucasian. These are definitely designed for my white counterparts – resting on my cheekbones but unnoticeabley so. Although they don’t fit perfectly, it’s not a point of contention because I can’t really notice that they’re on my head – most the weight is supported by the arms and they’re pretty feather-light the way it is.

They’re made of eco-friendly Nylon which is light and looks great. The body is pretty flexible and there are padded guards on the arms and nose for added comfort.

The Guide Small has a leash that attaches to each arm, turning the sunglasses into a necklace. In the middle of the leash is a white buoy that’ll ensure that they don’t sink to the bottom of the lake, river, etc. The leash is one of those things that you don’t realize how convenient it is until you’ve tried it – I don’t think I can go back to a pair of sunglasses that don’t have a leash. There’s just too many times that I’ve wrapped sunglasses on my hat or over my head only to be flung off on accident.

Overall Impressions
Overall, these seem like a solid pair of shades. The leash and buoy is perfect since I plan to take them on the water and they have very noticeably clear lenses. The fit isn’t 100% there but it’s unnoticeable given that most the weight rests on the arms (over my ears and on my temples) anyway. Great pair of shades that will enjoy a summer of abuse.