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Running 101 – Choose the Right Race

Running is good for you. And choosing the right race will get you to run more. Their are many races out there, from ultra-endurance events to adrenaline-filled 5k’s. Whichever one you choose, choose the one that’s right for you and strap on those running shoes. Here for you today is a list to get you to the starting line of a healthy, happier life:

The classic long distance endurance run. Marathons date back to the original Olympics in 1896 and still hold that classic feeling of accomplishment. Anyone, and I mean anyone, can run a marathon, but it takes work. A lot of days and a lot of miles add up to the finish-line, but when you cross over to the other side of that ticker tape, it all evens out nicely.

Color Run
Interested in taking part of a flash-mob? Their are plenty of sponsored events that let you let loose, give back, and have fun; surrounded by thousands of people doing the same exact thing. While it still is a competitive race, the real fun comes from the participation, and maybe taking a few pictures afterwards.

Adventure Race
Add a little spice and cross-fitness to your running routine. Adventure races say it all in the name. A typical adventure race will begin with a topographic map and coordinates for different check-marks spread across the forest, desert, or city. Within your designated race length (6 hrs, 12 hrs, 24 hrs); you need to get as many of these check-marks as you can, anyway you can. Biking, boating, and running; Adventure Races are for the true adventure athletes.

Obstacle Races
Warrior dash, run, or dive; whatever one you’ve heard of or know someone else that’s done one, realize these races have become popular fast over the last five years. And it’s for a reason. These fire-jumping, hurdle-straddling, zombie apocalypse-esque races are usually topped off with a two-pound turkey leg or a domestic brew (or both). These races test your speed and strength while reminding you to have fun with your run.

If the right race for you is an ultra-marathon (50-100 miles), chances are you probably know this already. It is somewhere deep inside of you, something that assures you that you have the strength and desire to do such an incredible feat on foot. Ultra-marathons are not for everyone, but if they are for you, run with it.

Hash House Harriers
What do you get when you combine a drinking club with a running problem? Hash House Harriers is what. Also known simply as Hash, it is a running club found in most larger cities. Hashing combines the primal feeling of running wildly with the social aspect of happy-hour. But it’s not all about the beer. It’s also about exploring new areas, meeting new people, and getting a good run in. And don’t forget about the beer…