Seven Romantic Outdoorsy Ideas to Rekindle the Heat in your Relationship

You’re in love. That’s beautiful. You’ve been dating this person for what? Like six months? Or is it more like six years? Have you lost count of the number of times that you’ve gone to the movies? Ugh. Just because you’ve been in a relationship with someone for pretty much ever does NOT give you the excuse to take a back seat and forget your creativity, your romantic spirit. Come on Romeo, (or Juliet), you know that love should be fun. Why not have some fun while you’re in it? Here are some romantic outdoors dates to take the love of your life on, maybe to rekindle something or try something new, maybe just because you’ve run out of stuff to do. Here are some tips and dates to enjoy with your Sweet Babboo.

Bring a bottle
We’ll start off simple here. Backpacking? Check. Picnic? Check. Climbing a fourteener? Double check. Maybe I’m just speaking from my slightly alcoholic side, but a surprise bottle of bub at the right time can really impress your counterpart. Maybe you’re a classy couple and you require chilled champagne. That’s awesome. Cool it down in a river by the campsite. Maybe, like me, you’re not as classy and you prefer pre-mixed gin and tonic by the campfire. Whatever works, works. In this case, a little goes a long way. Your sweetheart will appreciate the thought and effort you put into bringing this, and you will get to partake in the sweet intoxication of love…plus a little help.

Look at the stars
I’m tacky, I know it. But you know what? I like it. And I know a lot of awesome girls who are really into it to. Actually, a lot of awesome guys who are, too. You are never too good to be tacky. Taking someone to a special spot to watch the sunset and talk all night while stargazing can always be an excellent memory. You might even get a solid amount of make out time, and if you’re lucky…well. That’s not my place to start detailing. Suffice to say, this idea is great coupled with suggestion #1.

Go for a bike ride
You could go Downhill Mountain Biking. Or for a slightly less intense time, try biking to a local farmers market or an outdoor movie showing. Even better if you can get access to or rent a tandem bike, where you can actually have a conversation the whole time. Taking time to get some light exercise and get to where you’re going not only makes you feel better physically, but also brings your relationship together in a new, awesome way.

Try Something New
Are you a badass rock climber? Or maybe you know the best place to go cliff diving. Maybe you can skate board, or maybe you are really good at building a fire. Everyone has their hobbies, and that’s awesome…but a lot of times, it can be really impressive to teach sweet cheeks your sick skills. Like for example, I think that it is incredibly sexy that my man can pack up a tent and sleeping pad more neatly than the manufacturer in less than five minutes. Not to mention, you might even get your lover into your hobby and BOOM. Even more to do and be passionate about together.

Outdoor paintball
In relationships, a lot of tension can build up from time to time. Funny stuff happens when you go paintballing. It sucks when you get hit and you might bruise a little, but think about it this way: a release of aggression where both parties actually get to wear a little armor.

This is on a lot of people’s’ bucket lists, but you don’t have to wait till something catastrophic happens in your lives to realize that you should start living life to the fullest. Get your adrenaline on, and frame those pictures of you two falling out of the sky with your faces half open, screaming your lungs out.

Take a trip
This can be as cheap or extravagant as you like. Go for a weekend roadtrip to find some beautiful scenery or rent out a cabin near a lake. You can even get another couple in on the deal to bring costs down and make some great memories to boot.

Volunteer outdoors
There is a lot of good to be done out there. Plant some trees or build a trail together and you’re sure to meet a lot of interesting folks. Sometimes you even get perks for volunteering (not that that’s the reason you should volunteer…) Feeling good about what you are doing for your environment will make you feel better about your relationship because of the mutual experience of doing something positive. Try it out and I’m sure you’ll see what I mean. Don’t know where to start? Click here for some ideas.

These are some solid ideas to bring some outdoors romance into your life, but honestly, it is a pretty simple formula and the possibilities are endless. You just have to get out there. What I would suggest is thinking about something you both enjoy, and arrange for some alone time while you’re doing it. Enjoy!