Sexy Outdoor Summer Destinations

Summer is, in my personal opinion, the sexiest time of year. We girls raid our closets and pull out our itty-bitty bikinis, revealing sundresses, and dance around in our Daisy Dukes singing, “She Wears Short-Shorts!” (What? You gals don’t do that? Prudes). Not to mention, you guys seem to find any and every reason under the sun to remove your shirts: Old lady crossing the street and is about to step into a puddle-Holy cow! Cue the Fabio music…’Cause you’re takin’ off your shirt and shit’s about to get real. Kitten stranded in a tree!? Never fear! Some dude just took off his shirt (real slow-like) so the kitten could jump into it. Pretty girl…stranded on the side of the road with a flat tire…Obviously, this calls for the heroic Shirtless Man (not to be confused with Quail Man, who would be equally as sexy/awesome…Doug reference, anyone?). Anyway, the point that I’m trying to make here is that with all the short-shorts, shirtlessness, and kitten saving, summer brings sexy back…with a vengeance. And what better way to spend this sexy season than at one of the hot summer destinations detailed for you below.

Lake Tahoe
As the biggest alpine lake in North America, this ginormous body of water offers plenty of sexy recreation, including swimming, water skiing, fishing, and sand-cuddling (could get a little uncomfortable, but it’s worth a shot). Jet ski and paddle boat rentals are popular at this mammoth lake, so you can take your honey for a heart pounding ride or relax whilst you get your paddle on.Lake Tahoe

The Colorado Sand Dunes
Sandboarding and Sandsledding, mountains to climb, and creeks to splash in all make the Great Sand Dunes National Park a spectacular place for fun and romance. The juxtaposition (million dollar, English major word, right there) of the velvety sand dunes and the towering, often snow-covered, Rocky Mountains makes for an otherworldly atmosphere of sexy sexiness (used up all our million dollar words, apparently). Bring your swim suite, sunscreen, and get ready to soak up the sun on the sensual sand (alliteration…you gotta love it).Colorado Sand Dunes

Anywhere in Hawaii…Seriously, Anywhere
Hanauma Bay, Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, Kauai “The Garden Island”. Pick one. Pick two. Hawaii’s beaches will knock your socks off, the plant life is lush and exotic, the people are hospitable, and the volcanoes are, well, volcanically sexy. This island paradise gives you and your lover the chance to sip citrusy drinks and I’m pretty sure there will be PLENTY of reasons to take off your shirts (notice the plural…wink, wink).Hawaii