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Summit Purchases Pristine Powder Mountain


A page has turned for the future of Eden, Utah and the most skiable mountain in the United States, Powder Mountain. It turned when a group of young entrepreneurs with a refreshing outlook on life shook hands with 50 big name, deep pocket investors last April and purchased the 10,000-acre mountain with a vision to create an intellectual sanctuary.

Powder Mountain, an adventurers dreamland, has remained an untouched secret for years traversed by locals, skiers and snowboarders. Forget the fancy lodging and surplus of amenities- it’s 2-way winding roads and scenic splendor, baby.

And now that the group, Summit has sealed the deal, big things are on the horizon. Not in the form of tacky hotels and home sites blanketing the cliffs as planned by the former owners, but a creative center of magnificent proportions: A homestead for dreamers, thinkers and thrill seekers to convene year round.

Summit began as a group united by the belief that “business should be good for the world”, and plans to establish a small mountain town dedicated to promoting this very idea, with emphasis put on the arts, outdoors and extreme sports.

After purchasing the mountain for an estimated $40 million with the help of fellow artists, athletes and innovators such as PayPal co founder Peter Othiel, Olympic level snowboarder Danny Davis and hit maker Dr. Luke, to name a few, the seeds of this unique dwelling have already taken root.

Summit plans to construct around 500 single-family home sites, a small village consisting of a few retail stores and boutique lodgings, studios for various faucets of art and more

This may sound like a ritzy resort town, but it’s quite the opposite. Summit looks to focus on bettering the environment, promoting growth within one’s self and fostering physical and mental health by offering a permanent dwelling or retreat where  you can take time to think and do incredible work with what you are most passionate about. Its not about social or economic status, it is about making a positive and lasting impact on humanity.

Summit Eden from Summit on Vimeo.