Mobilization and Events

Support Sierra Club for Earth Day

scNot sure what to do this year for Earth Day? No worries, the Sierra Club has you covered.
The Sierra Club’s initiative Get Out has six categories of ways anyone can “get out and explore, enjoy, and protect”. No longer can that broken leg from your last outing keep you from enjoying Earth Day. For a limited time, you can shop online in honor of Earth Day. Through April 28, anyone can go onto eBay to bid on items donated by celebrities. The money will be used to further the Sierra Club.

If you are well and able, you may be interested in more than eBay auctions. From hikes to symposiums, a variety of events will be hosted by the Sierra Club raising money and a love for the outdoors. Check out the website to see what’s happening in your area. And remember, now that you have read this, you have no excuse to not enjoy Earth Day.