Thank You for Standing Up For Climate Change

It’s very rare for two people to have the exact same opinions on every hot button political issue. Thing is, we are opinionated people and each and every person has hundreds, maybe thousands of different opinions. Any one of these opinions are cause for contention from others who may even share many of our opinions, but differ on just a few.

The same goes for the President – I’m sure even within the Democratic party, the vast majority of people don’t share each and every opinion of the President. And that’s just a fact we must accept – never will we ever have a president whose opinions align with the majority of the people. It’s statistically not possible.

But there are key issues where most people do agree with the president and we feel that Climate Change should be one of them. Because honestly, if anyone had a choice, who would want a hotter earth (other than the industries salivating over the melting ice caps for cheaper mineral and gas extraction and shipping lanes)? Who can still deny climate change, despite the recent flood of climate refugees, sinking countries, melting Arctic ice caps, and rise sea levels?

So this is where we want to say a big Thank You to the President for standing up for an issue that affects the beneficiaries of the planet. Thank you for sticking up for the ones who are too young, weak, and politically inexperienced to stick up for ourselves.