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The Beauties and Benefits of Solo Camping


Ok, say it with me: Solo ‘Cause YOLO.

Just kidding…don’t ever say that…ever.

To some, the idea of solo camping may seem strange or even scary but let me assure you that it has its benefits in spades. Not to mention, if you’re someone who takes outdoor survival seriously, spending time alone in the backcountry, out in the desert, or even safely within the confines of a campground can teach you a variety of skills and lessons about yourself, the land, and solitude.

The Beauties:

Builds Self Confidence Like a Mother Fo’
After packing your gear in, setting up camp, building a fire, making your own food, and spending the night stargazing, I assure you that you’ll have a newfound sense of confidence akin to that of Rick Grimes or Daniel Boon. Ok, maybe you can’t survive the Zombie Apocalypse or wrassle a bear…but at the very least, you know you could survive one night, outside, alone. And that’s more than most people know or care to know about themselves.

Gets You, well…”You Time”
With school, jobs, friends, family, social media, and modernity in general, it’s not often that we get true “alone time.” Our cell phones are always blowing up, tweets are always being tweeted, and hot damn if someone didn’t just tag a hot pic of us on Facebook. Solo camping gets you away from all of this fun nonsense and helps you to reconnect with… well, you.

What Happens on Your Solo/YOLO Camping Trip…Stays on Your…You Get It
You can sing cowboy songs until you’re blue in the face. Sleep buck-ass naked. Do a rain dance in your underwear. Or dress up like Katy Perry. No one will know. It’s your rodeo…ride it.

The Benefits:

Go Where you Want/Do What you Want
When solo camping the only opinion or input that matters is your own. You can camp anywhere, hike anything, eat anything, drink anything. You are the Master of Your Own Fate and the Captain of Your Own Solo Camping Destiny. Pretty cool, huh?

Live By Your Watch
Wanna go to bed at 2am and sleep in until 11am? Go for it! Keen on doing a 6 hour hike? More power to you! No one will be there to complain or hold you back.

Zero Distractions
Often times, hiking with our friends can be distracting. Billy drank too much whiskey the night before and puked in the tent some someone has to clean it up. Kelly can’t find her hiking boot ’cause a marmot ran off with it. And David…don’t even get me started on David…he’s complaining about your naked rain dancing and is just a total prude.

When you solo camp, no one is there is distract you from your camping tasks, your camping fun, or the beauty and majesty of nature surrounding you.

Commune with Nature
Speaking of nature…there’s something magical and almost, dare I say, spiritual about being in nature alone.  You discover sights, sounds, and smells that you’ve never experienced while simultaneously discovering a good deal about yourself.

So, remember: Solo ‘Cause YOLO.

Or not…but, either way, give solo camping a shot.