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The Cardboard Bike: A Transportation Super Star

Izhar Gafni from Israel’s northern coast spent the last four years creating what many said was impossible- a cardboard bike.

But the determined inventor did just that, and his eco friendly, waterproof and affordable bike made its debut in 2012, ushering in what many feel will be a transportation renaissance for developing countries and those who cannot afford bikes.

Gafni and business partner Nimrod Elmish formed I.G. Cardboard Technologies and plan to mass-produce and sell the bike for $20 a pop. The single speeder, dubbed Alfa, is made completely from carefully folded cardboard. A coat of shiny varnish renders it waterproof, old car tires serve for puncture-proof wheels and plastic bottles are transformed into pedal cranks.

And that’s just the beginning.

In the future, Gafni hopes to create cardboard wheelchairs, high chairs, push carts for children and a bike design for women.