The Final Cut: 4 Outdoor Activities to Help You Reduce Stress During Finals

spFinals can be brutal. For me, the most difficult part of this Week From Hell is having to resign myself to inside life while I type frantically on my Mac, scribble in books, and try not to strangle groupmates. To take out some of this stress (and, apparently, murderous rage) I make it a point to hit the streets, the mountains, and the parks as much as possible. Here are some of my favorite options for blowing off steam at the end of your term. Sidenote: Some of these activities can be dangerous, so don’t be a dumbass and only try them if you know what you’re doin’. Obvi.

Rocky 2.0: Outdoor Sparing and Boxing
My good girlfriend is a boxer and she is constantly telling me how it helps her to blow off steam and distress. Go to a park or just have a throwdown in your backyard. Invite friends over and place bets (is that legal?).  Note: Be sure that at least one person knows how to spar safely.

What the Heck is Parkour Anyway?
Similar to military obstacle course training, this outdoor, street activity requires you to balance on, jump over, run across, and propel off of park benches, hand railings, and pretty much any solid, fixed, object that you encounter outside. You can try this in the park, the woods, or while walking down the street. However, we highly recommend taking a class (or two) first as this can be dangerous and broken bones are not uncommon.

Hit the Streets: Hockey
Roller blades, wooden sticks, and any object that can double as a puck ( I’ve seen people use an old boot, no joke) is all you really need to have one hell of a time on wheels ( Well, that and perhaps some padding).

Everyone Looks Good in Camouflage: Capture the Flag
One of my absolute favorite games growing up, Capture the Flag is still good for all ages. Just find a friend with a good bit of property, go to a park, or get a backcountry permit. This game involves strategy, teamwork, and a bit of physical fitness (assuming you’re gonna play in right by running, climbing trees to hide your flag, and tackling people…ok, maybe that’s going a bit too far). In fact, you may want to invite your annoying groupmates along to play. Wink, wink.