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The Monsanto Monopoly

According to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs (and my rumbling belly) food is a foundational necessity for life. Maslow’s theory describes the continuum of human need, relating the importance of foundational needs such as food and water with those he considers more dispensable: creativity, morality, and so forth. I need not explain the technicalities of why or how – you’re likely capable of recognizing the importance of an adequate food supply- but the discussion of American food supply and production has just dramatically changed.

Monsanto is a publicly traded biotechnology company. First starting off in plastics, Monsanto is now best known for their achievement in GMO (genetically modified organisms) technology. When Monsanto and other organizations like them first proposed GMO’s, the discussion was clouded with suspicion. Since then, little light has been shed on the health risks and environmental affects of widespread GMO implementation.

Despite the murky water surrounding the GMO discussion, President Obama signed HR 933, appropriately nicknamed the “Monsanto Protection Act”, into law on Tuesday. As is typical of the happenings in Washington, the lingual specifics of what this appropriations bill contains is unclear, leaving many organic farmers and consumer advocates wobbly kneed at the prospects of a monopolized food dispensary system.

Check out this video for more info.

Written by Alec Ross