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The Move Out 2013: Keep Campuses Green

gcSpring is finally in the air. Birds are chirping, and the CLUNK CRASH of college students tossing away perfectly good furniture into dumpsters abounds nationwide. While the end of the semester is a happy time for college and university students, it’s also a time for absentmindedness. While the tossing away of furniture and clothing isn’t socially bad (because a lot of people do it), college students around the nation can help make a big impact for the economy, waste management and people who need the good things that they are throwing away. Here are a couple organizations that are helping universities make their move out weeks a little bit greener.

staThe Salvation Army
Usually when one thinks of The Salvation Army they think of the big red sign and the thrift shop that their grandmas drag them to. What most people don’t always realize is that not only do they accept drop off donations of gently used clothing, the Army will also come around to garages and college campuses with their big donation trucks to pick up gently used furniture, clothing and other odds and ends that people no longer have a need for. You can schedule a pick-up at your campus or house by calling 1-800-SA-Truck (1-800-728-7825). Keep in mind that most pick-ups will happen anywhere from 7-14 days after you make the initial call, so give yourself time to make the appointment.

ssGoodwill and Keep America Beautiful
Goodwill is partnering up with Keep America Beautiful (KAB) for 2013 with the project Give and Go: Move Out 2013. The project will be debuted on five college campuses, and the hope is to encourage students to take a higher amount of responsibility with where they put their old books, furniture, kitchenware and clothing at the end of the semester. The campuses scheduled for Give and Go will be Creighton University, Northern Illinois University, University of Toledo  Franklin College and Trinity University. The collecting of the items that students would otherwise toss out will have great environmental impacts. You can locate the nearest Goodwill with their online locator at, and you can contact KAB at their home site

juWays to help
If you want to start something on your campus, start with you. Everything needs to start somewhere. If, for example, you wait till the last minute to pack everything, you may be tempted to toss away things that you might need next year. Plan ahead. Then you would be able to locate a thrift store, homeless shelter or other place that accepts donations for those items that you don’t want to toss out, but no longer have a use for. Planning ahead also gives you time to track down a storage unit if you can’t bring what you need back home with you. With landfills reaching over maximum capacity each year, the new generation needs to take a stand and say together, “We will be green.”

By James Kennedy