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The Pack Project Activation Grant

t3vFor those passionate about connecting others with the outdoors, get your plans ready. Outdoor Nation and Merrell will be awarding $25,000 worth of grants to a minimum of ten projects. The grants will be awarded to those that have plans to not only connect people with the outdoors, but create a long lasting, sustainable relationship between the two. For those interested in learning more, visit Outdoor Nation to read all about the application process.

Don’t have anything to submit? No need to be discouraged. It is still extremely possible to make an impact on your community without the funding of an environmental grant. Making an impact can be as simple as inviting friends and family to engage in the outdoors with you. We all are given the opportunity to share the beauty of nature with those around us. Take advantage of even the smallest impact you can have on your community and share your love for the outdoors.