The Top 5 Outdoor Sports for Girly-Girls:

Hey, girl. You sure are cute with your tight-fitting designer jeans, meticulously manicured nails, and 6 inch stripper heels (This is where the Ryan Gosling Meme ends)…But, for the love of all that is good in this world, ditch your platforms for a hot minute and get that vinyasa toned booty outside! Many young women think being “outdoorsy” means that you have to smear mud on your face, dress in camouflage, and army crawl under barbed wire, Tough Mudder Style. We’re here to tell you that simply isn’t the case.

And to prove it, we give you the 5 outdoor activities that will make you wanna move, sweat, and look fabulous whilst doing so!

mcRock Climbing
First, have you seen how hot Steph Davis was when she solo climbed The Diamond? I’d like to see Jennifer Lawrence do that. Rock-climbing is the perfect outdoor sport for women because it requires many abilities to which some gals are innately predisposed: balance, poise, and grace. An even more super-cool fact: Because women have a lower center of gravity than men, typically carry less body weight/mass, and have smaller hands and feet for gripping and perching on tiny holds, women are often just as adept at rock climbing as men, if not better in some circumstances.

Most importantly of all? Climber dudes are super hot. Chris. Sharma. Need we say more?

sbsgSkiing and Snowboarding
These powdery past-times also require a good deal of balance and grace. Not to mention, skis and snowboards come in a variety of fashionable colors and designs! Ski clubs abound in popular ski areas, so talk with your local Parks and Recs center to see if there are any clubs or ski outings that you can join.

Two words: Mountain Men. If you need some added incentive for donning hiking boots, think Brawny Paper Towel Man meets Channing Tatum and keep in mind that many of these men could build you a log cabin with their bare hands. Other factors that make mountaineering a great outsdoor sport for women: Not only does it keep you super fit (elevation gain is a bitch and tones your bootay like none other), but it also connects you with nature and helps to clear your mind of bothersome stress. What gal doesn’t like that?

We’ve all seen them: The annoying cyclers, in ducklike formation, wearing shirts so colorful you’re sure a unicorn vomited all over them. Regardless of the apparent annoyingness of the sport, it provides toning and sculpting all over your body, is a great way to get a workout AND do your daily commute all in one, and it’s eco-friendly transportation. We know that, in addition to your pink, you gals also like to go green.

Heart Disease is the leading cause of death among women in the U.S. and, guess what, running dramatically reduces your risk by keeping your heart strong. After all, you need a strong heart so one of those climbing, hiking, mountain men can come steal it.


See ya on the outside!