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The Top 7 Hottest Outdoor Men

We outdoor gals like our sexy, strong, knowledgeable and accomplished outdoor men. After all, they give us a reason to look smokin’ hot while we’re out and about doing all our nature activities. Though choosing only 7 was quite the challenge (and may have resulted in me starring at way too many pictures and watching way too many videos of shirtless dudes), I’ve crafted for you the perfect list of the hottest, hunkiest, and most badass outdoorsmen out there.

chris sharma

1. Chris Sharma
This hottie with a body climbs rock-faces like a monkey, lives in Spain, and just designed and started his own climbing gym in California. What makes him even hotter? All of the videos and interviews that I’ve watched (obsessively) tell me that he’s also a super nice, chill, dude whose passion for his craft shows with every (mouthwatering) move.

kelly slater

2. Kelly Slater
Since I’m a mountain girl, I often forget that, as an antithesis to bearded mountain men, surfer boys exist to remind me of suntanned abs and wet shirtlessness. Surfer hunk, Kelly Slater is the perfect example and perhaps the ONLY reason I would ever trade my beloved mountains for the beach.

robson green

3. Robson Green
My daddy is a fisherman and taught me how to catch ‘em and fry ‘em up real good. As such, I’d be remiss if I didn’t include an angler on this list. Enter Robson Green (swoooooon). The host of Extreme Fishing with Robson Green, this silver fox dream boat (Boat reference…fishing…get it…lame?) is one damn fine catch ( See what I just did there?).

bear grylls

4. Bear Grylls-
This Man vs. Wild survivalist has climbed Everest (no biggie) and is slated for a new show on NBC titled Get Out Alive this year. Is it sexy when he shows us how to survive in the wild by eating worms or climbing into a camel carcass for warmth…Hells-to-the-Yes, it’s sexy! I’d climb into a dead animal carcass with him any day of the week.

daniel woods

5. Daniel Woods-
Though I hesitated to put another climber on the list, I just couldn’t leave off Daniel Woods. This Colorado climber has the chiseled physique of a Greek god and and deep brown eyes that will reduce any women to a girlish and giggling pile of goo.

crist brothers

6 & 7. Reggie and Zach Crist
Hot, skiing, X Gaming, brothers are your Double Whammy #6 and #7 on the list. They’ve skied the Himalayas, the polar icecaps, and like to surf and mountain bike in the summer (‘cause sticking to one sexy sport just wasn’t enough for them).