Top 6 Most Adventure-Ready Cars and Trucks

Imagine driving a Honda Civic around in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. Add a few friends, gear and provisions for all of them (maybe some bicycles even), and a bumpy, root infested dirt road. I agree, it sounds like an adventure, but probably not the kind that would be any fun. If you’re more interested in rolling with some style and convenience on adventures, you need a more capable vehicle. I’m not saying you need to be like Mr. Dobbertin and spend 4 years building an amphibious Surface Orbiter out of a milk truck. Just check out this list of some totally adventure-ready commercial vehicles that you could still go pick up your groceries with:

Toyota 4Runner 2010
Toyota 4Runner

This impressively reliable 4.7L V8 machine can handle nearly intolerable temperatures and seemingly impassible terrain. Even the V6 version pumps out a powerful 278 lbs of torque! It has near perfect balance attributes coupled with great interior space and comfort. Some cons might be the limited clearance and the drab design and style. All in all it’s a solid adventure SUV big enough for a group to head up through Alaska, even during the winter.

Jeep Wrangler

Take one look at this little devil and you know it’s practically begging to be taken off-road and off the beaten path. This commercial miracle will gladly demoralize everything short of a climb directly up Mount McKinley. It’s a car ready for adventure right out of the factory that can handle nearly any road anywhere in the world. It has a limited payload because of its size, but the simple design and affordability makes the Wrangler a top pick!

Subaru Outback

Yeah, it’s a car, but the 3.6L V6 gives it the power of an SUV with way better gas mileage. High clearance, AWD, and traction control allow for thrilling off-roading experiences. And, yeah, it’s a wagon, so you can throw plenty of junk in that trunk.

Toyota Tacoma

Pick-up trucks seem like they will always be around because of the easy cargo loading and unloading. With the Tacoma, you get the legendary reliability of Toyota along with a huge payload possibility. If you’re the kind of person who can’t decide to bring the mountain bikes or the kayaks…get a Tacoma and take them both (be careful though, gear security is low).

Land Rover Discovery

This beast would be a little higher on the list if it wasn’t for the price tag. It’s at the summit of payload capability (with security), visibility, and just an adventure feel. The 4.6L engine and a locking center differential isn’t anything to scoff at either. Bad news comes at the fuel pump and reliability won’t even come close to that of Toyota.

Ford Flex

It’s time to think green people. This flex-fuel vehicle rocks a twin-turbo V6, so don’t even think for a second that power is sacrificed here. It’s big and comfy for up to 7 passengers and will get you to your next outdoor event.