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Top Priority: Climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro

kefLife has a tendency to distract us, to push our goals and dreams to the side. Death on the other hand, in many ways, makes us look at life with a broader perspective. This is at least how it was for Barry Leonard. Barry was a passenger of USAirways Flight 1549, also known as the Miracle on the Hudson. The flight was appropriately named since the pilot landed the plane on the Hudson River after a flock of geese got caught in and killed both of the plane’s engines.

This close call made Barry question his goals in life, and he’s decided it’s time to take a break from the things his life has been filled with. In August, Barry will climb Mt. Kilimanjaro along with his son, and another father-son team. Not only is Barry doing this for himself, but he will also be raising funds for the Kilimanjaro Education Foundation. This foundation raises money so that children in Africa can have the same educational opportunities as children in developed countries. The funds Barry raises will specifically help build school facilities and also bring library books to a new library outside of Arusha.

For Barry, an almost fatal accident caused him to realize what he really wanted to accomplish in life. Does death have to be the only thing that causes us to look at our priorities in life? Take some time off, and enjoy family, nature, and all the beauty surrounding us. Don’t let life distract you from living.