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Tree Climbing Champion

ctcMaybe you’ve never had this sort of encounter, but it does happen. You ask someone where they’re working, and they simply respond saying, “I climb trees”. You may pause, and ask them to say that again, or you may chuckle thinking it’s a joke. Maybe you would say “I asked what you do for a living, not for your favorite childhood hobby…”

If this hasn’t happened to you yet, this is a warning that none of the above responses are appropriate. There are people who climb trees, and they climb as a part of their profession. More formally, there is a group of people called arborists. Arborists care for trees, often climbing them to act as a sort of tree surgeon. With Arbor Day coming April 26, we take time to celebrate and plant trees, but often we forget the people who care for our trees year-round.

This weekend, Charlette, NC will prepare for Arbor Day by honoring arborists. Charlette is holding the¬†Arborists Association’s Annual Tree Climbing Competition, a competition that will involve 70 arborist from the U.S. and Canada. All will be judged according to their speed and use of proper technique. There will also be a Fun Climb, giving the public a chance to test their own professional tree climbing skills.

The event is a fun and educational way to prepare for Arbor Day, and will involve some serious competition. Even if you can’t make it to Charlotte, ¬†maybe you can still find a way to thank your local arborists on Arbor’s Day.