Trike Drifting

A new form of cycling is steering its way towards you: trike drifting. Trikes utilize the tricycle’s three wheel set-up with the rear tires crafted from PVC pipe for easier sliding capability along roadways.  While it may sound like an infantile construction, drift trikes exist in adulthood having been equipped with brakes, treads and occasionally motors. This vehicle provides riders with that security and balance sought for when heading down steep hills without hindering the speed and thrills gained while mobbing it.

Trike drifting is a fairly recent development. Considering it began in DIY scenes around the globe, determining its origin proves difficult. However, the activity didn’t gain attention and publicity until the first videos on YouTube appeared hosted by New Zealanders who many have since praised as the inventors. Regardless of who offered the world its first tricycle able to drift, the activity has coasted from one country to the next, generating interest and gaining enthusiasts. Folks of all ages are gliding between cars on the roads of Auckland, Lima, Lisbon, and Los Angeles. Drift Trike races now occur annually in New Zealand, and the United States, drawing participants from all over the world.

If the urge to trike drift has taken hold of you, plenty of companies and independent sources have sprung up online to satisfy the desire. New Zealand’s drift trike producer Madazz offers an array of specialty trikes and parts. Features differ from ride to ride. Some have pedals like the Madazz Pro Spec III which allows for mobility in skate bowls while others just have pegs to sturdy feet on those steep roads. Indie US trike builders Modernline Trikes, SIN Cycles and Drift Trike Mafia all have websites with their signature series purchasable as well as gear and customization options that let customers choose the color, features, and the frame. Also, major distributor Bike Rassine offers two popular trike models: the Hillkicker Pro for adults and the Hillkicker Jr. for children.

Regardless of how childish trike drifting appears, the ingenuity and creativity demonstrated by builders should be enough to impress spectators. These creations came after hours of measuring, sawing, and welding from people who range in such skills. Furthermore, the activity grants adolescents and adults the thrills necessary to fend off the seriousness and self-reproach that often accompanies aging. And perhaps the most exciting aspect of trike drifting is the community that has emerged. Across forums and roads, trikers and prospective riders respectfully interact, exchanging advice on purchasing equipment, revealing how to construct and design your own trike and inviting others to participate in rides.