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Who Owns Water?

We all asked ridiculous questions about water when we were kids. “Where does it come from?” or “where does it go after I flush?” and even, “who owns it?” Turns out, these questions aren’t so childish considering that grown folks can’t even figure it out. The fact is, fresh clean water is one of the most life giving resources we have (maybe second to sunlight and air), and contrary to popular belief, it is non-renewable. To top that – the supply of fresh water is being constricted by contamination, overconsumption and waste.

When we have three year olds, how do we plan on explaining the question of the ownership of water? Will we own it at all? Will it be hoarded by the thirstiest of industrial plants? Maybe we’ll have full right to, right after it’s been contaminated with chemicals and other hazards.

Two brothers, Michael and David Hanson, are attempting to tell the story of the dying Chattahoochee River (how’s that for a an awesome river name?), the story of America’s First National Water Trail, which two months later was named one of our nation’s Most Endangered Rivers by American Rivers. These guys, and millions of people dependent on the river, need your help to tell the story of who is over consuming, and why the river is dying.

They’ve launched a Kickstarter campaign to create a 45 minute documentary on the Chattahoochee. Let’s see if we can a part of that story, a story of how we saved this life-giving resource.