Why Good Guys Respect and Like Outdoorsy Girls

Why Good Guys Respect and Like Outdoorsy GirlsYou’d think it would go without saying, but if there’s one thing I’ve noticed since becoming uber outdoorsy it’s that the men dig it in a very big way. Regardless, I’ve heard some girls and young women express their concerns: What if he’s intimidated by the fact that I climb better than him? What if I smell horrible after a hike? What if he just can’t keep up with my outdoorsing altogether?

To that I say, any man who’s intimidated by your outdoorsing abilities isn’t the dude for you. You really won’t smell THAT horrible and real men can deal with a little saltiness after a good, long, hike. And, finally, if he can’t keep up there are plenty of men who can and will…gladly.

Now that your mind is eased, allow me to explain why being an outdoosy chick is not only sexy but also earns you the respect of the boys and men who find you so.

Confidence is Sexy
By and large, being outdoorsy builds confidence. Girls and women who play outside are typically happier, healthier, and more confident because they have a plethora of skills, such as navigation abilities and survivalist knowledge. No damsels in distress here! I cannot tell you how many men have confessed that confidence is, hands down, the single most attractive quality in a woman. So get out there and lead your own climbing routes, summit mountains, and ski down black diamonds. The men will take notice. Promise.

Confidence is Sexy


Intelligence is a Turn-On
Though there may still be some men out there who prefer ditsy women, the type of gents you’re interested in appreciate a woman who is smart and sharp. One reason for this is that men like it when a woman can catch on quickly and keep up in the outdoors. If he has to teach you something again and again or you’re constantly lagging behind, he might think twice the next time he invites you for a hike. Show him that you can keep up or, better yet, teach him a thing or two. One of my favorite dates is taking a guy to the rock-climbing gym so that I can strut my stuff and show him what I know. Even better if we can get on some real rock. Outdoorsing takes smarts, so don’t be afraid to show off one of your most attractive body parts: Your brain.

Playfulness is Endearing
Men love to play. Period. Whether it’s sports, video games, or Fantasy Football, if there’s competition involved and an element of friendly fun, men are in. That being said, a playful woman is endearing and there are few better ways to show off your playfulness than to play with him in the great outdoors. Throw snow balls at him on the slopes, splash water on him from the creek, and challenge him to a trail race on the mountain. In my experience, couples who play together, stay together. And, if you aren’t part of a couple yet, just being outside and showing off your playful nature will naturally attract the opposite sex.

Every Man Loves a Girl Who Brings Out the Adventurist in Him

Every Man Loves a Girl Who Brings Out the Adventurist in Him
Most boys and men love challenge, adventure, and intrigue. It almost seems to be hardwired into their very being. As such, I have yet to meet a man who doesn’t respect and desire an adventurous woman; someone who will spontaneously head off on a climbing road trip for the weekend with him or help him prepare his boat for a fishing extravaganza. Boys and men alike love women who will, now and again, go along with their seemingly hair-brained adventure schemes or, better yet, help them plan and execute a wild adventure to perfection.

So be relentless, be fearless, be adventurous, and, above all, be wild.