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Why We Need Water

Ever since we were children, we have heard of the importance of water and how much we need to drink in a day. If you’re like me, you opted for the juice box instead of the water. As we grow older though, we really should be drinking more considering our bodies are primarily made up of water. We can live for up to 7 days without food, but a minimum of 3 days without water. Maybe there’s more to this water thing than we thought.


Because our bodies are primarily made up of water, hydration is directly tied to midday hunger pains, headaches, and joint pain. Those stomach pains may not be from hunger; many people have such weak thirst mechanisms that thirst is mistaken for hunger. Being hydrated helps you to focus better, and helps your to think sharper. Water also lubricates your muscles and joints by plumping up the membrane to avoid creating too much friction in the body. Your body loses water all the time due to sweating, breathing, and digestion, so be sure to keep drinking water to keep your body in tip-top shape.

Your brain is primarily made of water and keeps your body working correctly. Water helps to get nutrients where they need to go, or to get toxins out of our bodies. When you are dehydrated, your kidneys have to work harder to expel toxins like calcium, which causes kidney stones. This causes other systems to pick up the slack and different bodily systems all work in overdrive. This gives you the feeling of being sluggish and overexerted when not doing much. The daily drinker is also less likely to become sick due to the constant removal of toxins, which is always a plus with summer right here.

No, you can’t buy specialty “stay young” water, because regular water does that already. If you stay hydrated, it keeps the blood volume high to help distribute nutrients and oxygen to young cells and keep them vital. Your eyes, mouth, ears, and nose all are made up of membranes that need water to function correctly. Water also plumps up vertebrae disks to ward off spinal problems that come with age. Drinking water is also crucial to weight maintenance and loss. It won’t make you skinny in a day, but substituting water for a higher calorie drink can help cut back on calories. Burning calories becomes easy when drinking cool water because your body burns fat and calories trying to get your temperature back to normal.

When You Need It Most
Obviously with the hot summer months upon us, water is a must for any beach bag. When your body temperature is raised, you need to drink more water to keep it regulated and to help cool you down. If you are running a fever, or just over heated, be sure to drink water to keep you cool. This is why when you’re sick, you’re supposed to stay hydrated to help get back to a normal body temperature, and to replace water you lose through the course of the sickness. Dry skin, joint pains, lack of saliva, and dark urine are all signs of dehydration and mean you need to have a better routine of drinking water.

-Mallory Faye Douglas